New Members

- When we meet -

Build days are held every Saturday from 10am-4pm during the school year. Teams for certain projects may choose to meet at other times, but Saturday is the common build day where free pizza is served during lunch.

It isn't necessary to commit to showing up for the entire time for build days nor is it even necessary to be present for build days, but it is highly recommended for obtaining hands-on experience in the robotics club.

- How to join -

While there is no formal club application process for the robotics club, here is what you can do to become a club member:

1) Add yourself to the mailing list.

2) Stop by Bonderson 197-102 during one of our build days (Saturdays from 10am-4pm) and come talk to us!

3) Think about which project you might want to work on. You can talk to us or take a look at the projects page on our website. Don't worry if you can't decide, there is no hard deadline to join a team and you can always switch and work on a different project if you change your mind.

4) After deciding on a project, talk to the team leads. They'll guide you from there and let you know how to get started and what you can work on. The team leads for each respective project can also be found on the projects page on our website.

- HeboCon -

HeboCon is an annual workshop we run during the first few weeks of every Fall quarter. It caters toward students who have little to no robotics experience, and participants build a simple robot which will compete in a sumobot competition. This year it will be held on September 28th in the Advanced Technology Lab from 10am to 4pm.