The goal of the Autonomous Golf Cart Project is to retrofit a golf cart with all the sensors and motors to create an autonomous golf cart which can drive around campus. The golf cart is equipped with a LIDAR, stereoscopic camers, sonar rangefinders, GPS, hall effect sensors, and other sensors


    About Us

    We will spend as many years as it takes to make this golf cart acquire and deliver pizza to the Cal Poly Robotics Club room for our weekly Saturday lunch.

    Team Lead - Kyle Wuerch


    - Retrofit the golf cart to be able to drive between two points on campus autonomously, avoiding obstacles as necessary and using a reliable pathfinding algorithm.

    - Ideally, the golf cart will be able to navigate between the robotics club room and the nearest source of pizza.  

    IGVC Team Photo - 2017

    IGVC Team Photo - 2017

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