2019 Intro Blog Post

2019-2020 School Year Introduction Blog Post

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! We’re very excited to continue furthering robotics education at Cal Poly SLO. This year’s officer team is committed to a number of new and returning initiatives for Cal Poly students and the community at large. 


Diversity and Inclusivity

We’re excited to be working with the College of Engineering as we work to become a more diverse and inclusive organization. This year we will be publishing our Diversity and Inclusivity Statement. In addition, we’re excited to contribute to other clubs on campus including the Society of Women Engineers for various outreach events.


We have created a Slack workspace for Cal Poly students with questions about the club or robotics in general. Only a calpoly.edu email address is required to join. The goal of the workspace is to create a safe place for students to ask questions when they aren’t sure who to ask. We hope members of the club can begin to answer the questions or point students to someone who can. Please join us there but remember to keep the conversation inclusive and appropriate.


Another space we have created to help spread knowledge is our new knowledge base. In its current form, it is a Google Doc that members can contribute knowledge and educational resources for all to access on our website. It is visible here. Please join us in the club room if you are interested in making contributions. 

New Projects

As always, we would love to accept and fund new projects. If you are a Cal Poly SLO student who is interested in starting and leading a robotics project, please contact us about submitting a proposal. Our goal is to support you with funding and other resources.

Ongoing Projects

All project teams are interested in students of any major contributing and learning in any area of the project (even if it does not correspond to your major). No experience is required for joining any project.

Autonomous Golf Cart

Our largest project, the “IGVC” project has many learning opportunities including mechanical systems, circuit and PCB, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 


The Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle project is a long-term competition oriented project with learning opportunities in mechanical design (CAD design, fabrication, prototyping), circuit and PCB design, electrical wiring, arduino programming, python programming, and computer programming.


RoboCup is a competition team targeting a renowned international competition where teams of autonomous robots play against each other in soccer matches. The RoboCub team has learning opportunities including mechanical design and fabrication, electrical design, firmware development, and software development including artificial intelligence. 


The BB-8 project is a life-sized, functional replica of the BB-8 droid from Star Wars. It is nearly complete but has opportunities in arduino programming, electrical wiring, and 3D printing.


VexU is our newest project, having started last Spring. They are excited to be competing in Vex’s university level competition.

Stewart Platform

The stewart platform is a platform that uses 6 motors to freely translate and rotate with 6 degrees of freedom. The project is nearly built, but still needs electronics to be mounted and the code to be transferred from MATLAB onto the arduino. This project is expected to be completed within the next two quarters.


The Cubli project is a self-balancing cube that utilizes reaction wheels to orient itself. It is on pause this quarter while the lead has a Co-op.


The timeline of events planned for the initial weeks of school are as follows:

  • Club showcase September 22nd

  • Hebocon September 28th

  • Project Showcase October 5th

  • JPL tour October 11th

  • Build days Every Saturday at 10am starting October 5th

More information for each event will be made available soon via our email list.

For our build days, don’t hesitate to show up and take a look at the various teams and projects. 

Officer Team

We’re proud to present this year’s club officers:

  • Wesley Khademi, President, Senior, CS

  • Sukhman Marok, Vice-President, Graduate, EE

  • Spencer Shaw, Treasurer, Senior, CPE

  • Alan Nonaka, Director of Corporate Outreach, Graduate, EE

  • Christopher Hansen, Director of Inter-club Outreach, Senior, ME

  • Nicholas Sheffler, Media Director, Junior, CPE

  • Salvador Landeros, Safety Officer, Junior, ME

  • Jacob Maljian, Parts Wizard, Senior, EE

  • Jared Peter-Contesse, Clubroom Manager, Senior, CPE

  • Krista Round, General Officer, Junior, EE

  • Luis Gomez, General Officer, Junior, CPE

Together we aim to make the club approachable and inclusive. Please do not hesitate to contact us.