"May learn by doing be with you!” The goal of the BB8 project a functioning replica of the famous BB8 robot from Star Wars with as many movement degree of freedoms as possible. The movements include strafing left, right, forward, and back, body rotation, head rotation, and head movement on the body itself.


About Us

We are the BB-8 team and we're working on building this life sized droid for open house. We are comprised of about 15 students at Cal Poly coming from various engineering studies.


The cute little droid is made from a combination of 3D printed parts, custom fabricated aluminum, custom power delivery solutions, and an Arduino Mega!

The internal design of our BB-8 life sized droid

The internal design of our BB-8 life sized droid

Below is our overall roadmap for the project.

Episode I: Human and Droid

  • User controlled BB8 by 1 to 1 interaction between human and droid

Episode II: BB8 Comes Alive

  • Semi autonomous following by the BB8 for a human of choice

Episode III: The Last Bot

  • Human out of the loop, autonomous actions inside the clubroom"

Current BB8 Mechanical Team

Current BB8 Mechanical Team